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Thanks for such a great outcome, my client was extremely happy and relieved. Mediations with you are so positive and I look forward to the next mediation with you.
— Gold Coast Family Solicitor

Positive mediations with family lawyers and their clients


Please pass on my thanks to Rachael for her support. I will be honest and say that mediation went much better than I had ever expected. 

Rachael clearly knows what she is doing and has a very positive and realistic attitude towards the process. She is very professional, yet compassionate.

— Gold Coast Mum

Rachael did a wonderful job guiding us all towards a final solution.

— Gold Coast Dad

Rachael was a great mediator and was able to get the parties thinking deeply and engaged. We are thankful for her assistance. 

— Brisbane Solicitor

Thank you Rachael, my client was so grateful for your assistance. I look forward to working with you again soon.

— Gold Coast Solicitor